4 Ways To Ensure You Get Your Tax Refund On Time

Tax Refund On TimeFor those tax filers who are not writing a check to Uncle Sam, there’s really nothing more satisfying than the moment that you learn you’ll be receiving a tax refund! And admit it, can you ever really get that refund quickly enough? Serving the area of Troy MI as a full service tax preparation firm, at E&Y Agency we offer our professional guidance to clients so that when it comes time to file taxes, there are no major hurdles between you and your tax refund. Here are our top ways to receive your tax refund on time.

  1. Assemble Your Filing Documents In Advance

Take a proactive approach by collecting tax documents ahead of time. While it might not feel natural to be working on your tax file in the middle of the summer, this step will save you from dealing with potential delays at tax time. By waiting until tax season to gather necessary documents, you risk discovering at the last minute that you don’t have them. Waiting to obtain new or replacement documents such as a marriage license or social security cards can take weeks. Not having proper documentation will delay your refund, and it could cause you to miss your tax filing deadline which, when you consider late penalties and interest, will reduce your refund amount.

  1. Sign Your Tax Documents

Sounds simple enough, but believe it or not, one of the more common tax filing mistakes occurs when people file their taxes and forget to sign the documents. If you’ve forgotten to sign your return, and are filing during the rush of tax season, you could face a delay while waiting for your documents to be returned from the IRS, and resending them with your signature will also result in a delay of your refund.

  1. Double Check Your Work

These days, there is plenty of easily-accessible online assistance available when you need guidance in completing your tax return. But don’t let the simplicity of some of the tax filing procedures fool you into a comfortable position. Always double check your return, not only the figures, but also the facts such as your address and social security number.

  1. Don’t Be Late

Plain and simple, file your return on time. Be sure you’re well prepared ahead of time for tax season so that your filing will go smoothly.

Need help getting your tax refund prepared and filed on time? Contact the tax professionals at E&Y Agency today at 248-909-1331.


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