6 Tips For Homeowners Insurance

Customizing Policies

Man Thinking About Homeowners InsuranceHomeowners insurance will typically cover property and structural damage from natural disasters and weather, theft, and general liability. But at E&Y Insurance, we want to help customize what needs are most important for your home.  Depending on your area, additions such as coverage for water damage, power failure, or earthquakes may be a priority for you and your family. Likewise, make sure that you always have enough insurance to proceed with home renovations or replace personal relics.

Shopping Around

E&Y Insurance has the advantage to do the shopping for you. While other agents work for specific insurance companies, E&Y has established relationships with several agencies, getting you the best coverage for your money. It is always important to look at all the details of what is important for your personal home. With partners such as Safeco, Foremost Insurance Group, and Encompass Insurance, your personal policies can be easily catered to all your homeowner insurance needs.

Reducing Costs

There are several ways to reduce your premiums for homeowners insurance. Simple solutions such as working smoke detectors, deadbolts on your doors, and shutters on your windows for those nasty storms, can help keep costs low. Look around your home and see what preventative measures that can be taken on now, to keep future quotes and costs down. Remember to call E&Y Insurance for more easy steps to keep your home safe.

Filing Claims

One of the best tips insurance agents divulge is to always file a claim early. Waiting on a claim could potentially exclude you from the benefits of your homeowner insurance. Always make sure to write down all issues you’ve encountered since the problem has started, in order to get the most out of your insurance, and get you back to financial stability.

Combine Coverage

Smart shoppers know that bundling homeowners and automobile insurance will usually lead to better discounts. E&Y Insurance is your all-inclusive stop for all insurance needs, providing you with multiple options to keep prices low. Additionally, staying with the same company for several years can lead to a multitude of discounts.

Review Yearly

With rapid and sudden changes that happen in our environment and community, it is important to keep your homeowners insurance policy updated. It is also critical to review the value of your possessions, as you may find that once expensive items may no longer need the extra coverage your initially purchased. At E&Y Insurance, we suggest reviewing your policy every year, to make sure all of your needs are covered.

E&Y Insurance also covers condo insurance, rental property insurance, and vacant property insurance.

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