6 Upgrades To Make Your Home Green

Energy Savings HomeLooking to make your home run more efficiently and also save some cash in the process? E&Y Insurance Agency has some tips on how to turn your living environment into a greener atmosphere and increase the value of your home!

  • Change the incandescent light bulbs – When you swap out old incandescent light bulbs for more energy efficient light bulbs, such as LED or CFL brands, the light in your home will last longer. This quick improvement to your home will not only help your wallet by improving the lifespan on your light bulbs, but also decreases the risk of fire hazards with their increased technology.
  • Track the energy in your home – By purchasing a conserve power switch, you can quickly find out what is sucking out the most energy in your home. This mechanism will tell you how many kilowatts an appliance is using, and you can better track when to use it and when to shut it down. This will help reduce your monthly electric bill and keep your home cooler in the summer!
  • Enhance your windows – A simple fix of caulking your windows or weatherproofing the seals along your windows can keep the heat inside your home during the cooler months. This will also prevent air from leaking out of your home in the summer months, and reduce your energy bills. This quick fix will help you determine if you need to purchase new windows down the road or not.
  • Program your thermostat – Wouldn’t you like to help save more energy year round in your home? Programmable thermostats help keep temperatures in your home moderate and consistent. By turning down the usage when you’re either away from your home or sleeping, you can save hundreds a year on heat and air conditioning.
  • Add a waterfiltration system – Stop wasting your money by purchasing bottled water and include a water-filtration system into your home. When installed into your sink, you can ensure clean drinking water every time you turn on your faucet.
  • Add ceiling fans – Ceiling fans are not only great to look at, but they help keep energy costs down year round. If you want to help your air conditioner outlive your home, start using fans more often to improve air circulation. Ceiling fans help for both warmer and cooler months, so that each room is either cooled or heated property.

There are so many others ways you can improve your home to make it more energy efficient and better for the environment. When you’re also looking to save a few extra bucks, refer back to this list and start saving bundles on your home!


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