Boat Preparation

Tips For Michigan Boats And SuppliesIn Michigan, boating season is in full gear! People are embracing the summer and spending their weekends out on the beautiful lakes that surround the state. Before you jump into the boat and venture out for the day, there are a few things you should remember to make sure you’re prepared for everything the water can bring at you. From laws to comfort, follow this “boat prep” guide to help get you ready for your next weekend trip.

Basic Boating Tips Checklist, So You Don’t Forget Anything

  1. Stay Updated: Make sure your boating registration is current and up to date. It is important that all laws are abided by when on the water.
  2. Waterproof Cameras: With all of those great memories on the boat, you’ll want to make sure you capture them all! Look for waterproof cameras to help you take the best quality pictures when on the water.
  3. Marine Radio: For safety purposes, you don’t want to be left stranded! This is why it’s important to carry a marine radio, or working cell phone, in order to reach the marine patrol of Coast Guard.
  4. Change of Clothes: Whether you’re jumping into the water, or just excessive splashing that comes off the boat, make sure to bring a change of clothes, so you’re not sitting in damp attire all day.
  5. Coolers: Keep your drink and snacks cool by investing in an airtight cooler. Likewise, make sure to bring an additional cooler if you plan on fishing.
  6. Fire Extinguisher: You should always have a working fire extinguisher on board, and be advised on how to use it correctly. Check Michigan’s safety laws on extinguishers to be well informed.
  7. First Aid Kit: Accidents can happen, which is why it’s important to have a first aid kit ready to go. From cuts to seasickness, waterproof first aid kits are available at several retail stores, or make your own. Make sure they include gauze, scissors, bandages, gloves, cotton balls, lotion, pain relievers, and a pair of tweezers.
  8. Repellant: When you’re outdoors all day, make sure you’re keeping the bugs away with strong repellant.
  9. SPF: Your body and face should always be protected from the sun. Remember to bring a hat, appropriate SPF lotion, and don’t forget your lips! Lip balm is a great way to keep your lips from becoming chapped from the sun.
  10. PFDs: Personal flotation devices should be available for every passenger on your boat. Check with Michigan’s laws on PFD’s to see what is required for your vessel.
  11. Jackets: When on the water, the temperature can vary, quickly. Have a few coats or jackets on board, in case things start to cool down.
  12. VDS: In case of an emergency, make sure your visual distress signals are ready for use. Based on the size of your boat, you’ll want to check with Michigan regulations to make sure you’re prepared for any emergency.
  13. Water: Most importantly, make sure you have plenty of water on board for everyone. With the hot sun, and long days, it’s important to stay hydrated.


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