Cars vs. Trucks – Finding A Happy Medium

Choose A Car Or Truck That Is Right For Your InsuranceFinding a balance on the highways of Michigan between cars and big-rig trucks can be a tricky business. With short entrance and exit ramps, sharing the space is a challenge for everyone, on a daily basis. The failure to giving each other room on the roads can lead to serious accidents and traffic buildup.

Share The Road And Be Safe Out There

Here are a few tips that you can apply to your daily commute, in order to have more peace on the road:

Consider Fast Speeds: The German autobahn is known for it’s limited speed limits, and impressively fast drivers. Applying a typical highway speed of 70 mph to a large semi truck is similar to a regular car driving on the autobahn. To stop or avoid an accident would require exact precision and timing, which is not something all drivers’ posses. Likewise, anyone moving slowly on the road needs to be mindful of pulling out in front of fast drivers. Regardless of your speed of choice, always be cautious of those traveling differently than you.

Cut The Trucks Some Slack: Driving a large truck is no easy feat. With long hours, extensive deadlines, and sleep deprivation, the job is tiring and endless. Pay attention to the truck drivers around you, and anticipate when they may need to switch lanes. Likewise, truck drivers should be mindful that emergency vehicle lights mean that they are required to move to the left.

Remove Yourself From Blind Spots: When driving near a truck, make the commitment to either stay behind it, or stay in front of it. If you do not have visibility of the truck driver’s mirrors, then they cannot see you. With such large cargo and unstable roads, these mirrors tend to move around. Keep your distance in order to stay safe!

Accelerate Or Brake: When a truck driver is looking to change lanes, and has issued his or her turn signal, either speed up to get out of the way, or break firmly to make room. Do not linger with this decision! Truck drivers are higher off the ground than most drivers, and can potentially spot an issue up ahead. If the truck driver has determined that they need to move, then you need to move as well.

Utilize these tips to help you become a safer and more cautious driver on the road. Your life depends on it! For more information about automobiles, car insurance, and truck insurance, call E&Y Insurance today! (248) 362-1313


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