The Dangers of Texting & Driving 

Auto Insurance Rates To Cover AccidentsTexting while driving has proven to be a deadly combination. This completely unsafe method of communication has contributed to distracted drivers. These few seconds of undivided attention has cost nearly 3,000 people their lives each year.

States across the country have started cracking down on texting and driving laws., with heavy fines and increased penalties seen across the board. In some states, there has even been a push to ban texting while driving completely, and exclusively targets young drivers.

More Accidents Lead To Higher Premiums

With the increase amount of accidents and hazards, experts have realized that texting in our vehicles will potentially lead to future increased rates. While data is still limited, and premiums are determined based on several different factors, any information on property damage or injury will obviously raise your rates.  Violating any texting and driving laws will stay on your driving record, just like any other fine. These negative reports are bound to create a hike in your insurance premiums, resulting in more money coming out of your pocket.

While most insurance companies agree that higher penalties need to be put in place for this severe problem, they also argue that raising fines are not enough. Most argue that people who text and drive, will chose to do so, regardless of any laws. Consequently, insurance companies have banded together in agreement of increasing more awareness and security measures for texting and driving. Safe driving incentives and “teen” contracts have been a popular new addition to many of our auto insurance partners.

The Future, Safety, And Solutions

With more accidents occurring each year, it is no secret that the nation is cracking down on this issue. The penalties across the country for texting and driving have become as severe as 15 years behind bars. Rather than issuing fines, drivers can also soon expect to see suspended licenses from participating in texting while driving. Most states have started issuing the same jurisdiction for texting, as if drivers were drinking, or distractedly driving in any other way.

New technology that has been created for both our cars and phones have ultimately been designed to make us safer. Advanced warming systems and collision avoidance from automatic breaking is a new feature placed in many cars of today. Likewise, Apple, one of the most popular retailers of mobile phones, has been working on a new device that would potentially disable the ability to use an iPhone while driving.

As such as prominent fixture in the media today, texting and driving is a very hot and serious issue. It is our hope that all our insured drivers make wise decisions while on the road, ensuring the best coverage that their money can buy, and long lasting relationships with trusted insurance providers.

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