Dash Cams Gaining Popularity with Drivers

Understand the laws in your own State

Whereas a few years ago it was mostly police officers and truck drivers who installed dash cams in their vehicles, today we see more dash cams sold to the every day driver. While laws and insurance companies can differ greatly on their stance with dash cams, there are some reasons why we might suggest them to our clients. At the end of the day, it is your individual decision.

Lets look at the pros and cons of dash cams and then if you think it’s something you want to investigate, we can talk insurance.

Auto Accidents:

PRO: In the heat of the moment it is often hard to remember exactly what happened in an accident and there may be differing stories from the drivers and witnesses involved. Having a dash cam can show the real story. They can help you demonstrate to your insurance company that you were not at fault for an accident.

CON: On the flip side, dash cam footage can also show that you were responsible for an accident. It goes both ways, so be prepared Plus, dash cams can provide a level of distraction that may lead to an accident in the first place. Proper instalment is key to safety.

Insurance Fraud:

PRO: While rare, there are incidents of insurance fraud where people fake accidents to sue for insurance money. Having a dash cam can show that you were not at fault for a staged incident. In fact, it can show that there wasn’t an incident at all. Check out this insurance fraud video that recently went viral and saved the driver from a legal headache. Dash cams are a great way to protect yourself and expose those abusing the industry.

CON: While dash cams capture the world around you, they also capture the world in your vehicle (if you have sound). You have to be prepared to share any footage you have, if asked (dependent upon the laws in your own state of course).

Security & Peace of Mind

PRO: A well placed dash cam can deter a would-be thief. While there are various kinds of dash cams, thieves do not know if they are being “caught on camera” as they enter your vehicle. That might just be enough to protect your car and belongings (although we highly recommend that you DO NOT keep your valuables in your car… ever.)

CON: While a dash cam might deter a thief, it might also attract others who want a dash cam of their own. Just some food for thought…

Know The Laws and Your Rights Before You Buy

It is important to recognize that states differ in laws surrounding dash cams. Make sure you understand your responsibilities when it comes to videotaping third parties without consent and rules around audio versus video cams. Also, ensure you understand laws around placement of your dash cam on the dashboard (note: it can not obstruct the driver’s vision in any way).

The main point is that if a dash cam brings you peace of mind, it may well be worth the money, but talk with an expert and follow the laws.

Talk with our team to discuss if you could be eligible for a discount because of a dash cam. Not all policies are the same. Call us at (248) 817-8071 … no commitment required, just an informational chat!

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