Driverless Cars Affecting Car Insurance

Driverless Cars Of The FutureCould you imagine the day where you get in your car, and it drives itself? Autonomous, or self-driving cars, are no longer a fantasy of the future, but are quickly being pushed into our society. Autonomous cars have the potential to sense the surrounding environment and transport passengers without driver input. These cars sense location through a mixture of GPS and radar technology. These cars as designed to continuously update their hardware, adapting the ever-changing surroundings of traffic and weather.

Car insurance quotes and premiums are not just designed for your safety, but also the safety of others. Daily accidents and wrecks cost everyone money, time, and productivity. Autonomous cars are looking to help eliminate much, if not all of the problems and hazards we experience on the road, due to inconsistent driving habits. Ideally, travel could be accident free! This technology is rapidly advancing, and drivers could start seeing some forms of these cars on the road, as early as 2015.

Would Automation Bring Down Your Insurance Premiums?

What would this mean for your premium? Naturally, we hope it would come down! Insurance companies would have to re-evaluate all premiums to account for the limited amount of driving error. With cars designed to drive themselves, people and their driving decisions would be taken out of the equation, reducing the amount of liability.

Some autonomous features have already been implemented into the cars of today. Here are a few components that help minimize human error everyday:

  • Emergency Breaks: While anti-lock breaks have been around for nearly 40 years, more advanced models of Fiats, Volkswagens, and Audi have the ability to sense an object that is too close to your car, and implement computerized breaks.
  • Cruise Control: Toyota has been a forerunner in advanced design for cruise control. This new design adjusts the cruise speed, based on the speed of the car in front of you.
  • Moving Detection: Volvo has produced an advanced system that is designed to utilize sensors and warn drivers of dangerous movement ahead (i.e., animals crossing the street, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.).
  • Changing Lanes: Commercials currently show several different automakers, such as Honda, Nissan, and Toyota, that offer video and laser technology for alerting drivers. This specific technology is mostly used to warn drivers that your car is changing lanes unsafely.
  • Fatigue: It is known that driving drowsy is extremely dangerous, but still far too common. Volvo has introduced technology, such as driver detection, that can sense drowsiness by car movement, and will alert the driver through vibrations and noise to become alert.

This technology and advancement in autonomous cars could potentially make our roads accident free. Great ready, because the future is not far away!

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