Easy Car Improvements For Any Budget

Hand Waxing The CarzYour car is your most reliable source of transportation. It consistently can get you from location 1 to location 2, and holds up fairly well against the elements. Why not invest a little TLC into your car this summer and help improve the longevity of your large investment? Here are five ways that you can quickly and easily improve the value and lifetime of your automobile.

  1. Give it a good scrub – New cars are incredibly appealing, but mostly because they’re so clean. Make sure to take time this summer to give your car a good clean up, from top to bottom, inside and out. We suggest that cleaning your car shouldn’t stop with just washing the exterior, but also shampooing any upholstery, cleaning out buildup inside the hood of the car, and waxing the outside. This will help your car shine and be protected from all the elements this summer and winter!
  2. Make it smooth – Do you have any unattended dents that haven’t been addressed yet? Now is the time to get those dents removed, scratches buffed, and any other small problem areas on your vehicle. There are several inexpensive options at your local auto-parts store, that can help flatten dents and clean out scrapes. Not sure if you can tackle your car’s dents? Take it to a trusted auto-body shop where they can do a quick but effective job.
  3. Improve your tunes – Adding a sound system to a car that is creeping up past 5 years old is a great way to improve the value of your car. After 5 years, sound systems are out of date and new technology has added for better listening pleasure. New units that integrate Bluetooth technology go for as little as $100,making this an affordable upgrade.
  4. Create a new power source – When was the last time you used your cigarette lighter? Newer cars have the longevity to power electronic devices for longer periods of time without wearing on the battery. By adding a power source where your cigarette lighter is located, you can create an additional power outlet for charging any electronic gadget.
  5. Add a docking station – Along with being able to charge your electronics, you need to store them somewhere. The passenger seat may not always be available, but inexpensive docking stations are plentiful. Keep yourself safer and mess free this summer by having specific areas to lock down your electronics while you’re on the road. If you use your phone as a GPS on most occasions, look into suction mounts that attach to your car, and free up your cup holder for its’ original purpose.

For more tips on how to stay safe in your car this summer, give us a call at E&Y Insurance Agency. We offer premium and customizable insurance plans that meet any car’s needs! (248) 362-1313


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