Gearing Up For The Big Move

Moving ChecklistThe decision to move out of your current dwelling and into a new one doesn’t come lightly. When you’ve decided to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life, there are a number of items that you may have missed on your checklist. In the midst of finding a new home, and prior to making plans with a real estate agent, make sure not to overlook these important areas.

Determine A Budget

The line between wants and needs is fine when you’re purchasing a home. Keeping your finances in check is important when setting your budget for the new house. To help you determine a more accurate budget and spending limit, gather the following materials before meeting with your agent:

  • Credit reports – Look over carefully to see if there are any issues that need to be disputed or resolved
  • Home loan information – How much of a down payment can you afford? This can be determined by how much is offered to your through a home loan.

What Are Your Placement Plans

Not everyone is looking for a long-term move, and you should carefully consider how long you plan on living in a certain area, before purchasing a home. If you’re currently in the process of selling your home, you understand how difficult and tedious the moving process can be. Does your job require you to transfer or travel often? Or, are you looking for a place to settle down and raise your family for years to come? Either way, knowing your plans ahead of time will help make the home search process easier for both you and your real estate agent. Depending on your situation, your agent can help you look for homes that fit both your budget and investment goals.

Find An Ideal Neighborhood

When you’ve combined the two factors above, you can then start taking into consideration where you want to live. Do you want access to community amenities? Are school districts important? Do you want to live in the city center? All of these questions can drastically alter your home buying search. Before meeting with your real estate agent, do some research on your ideal neighborhood. As an added bonus, don’t forget to look into the taxes of that area, as it can affect your overall budget.

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