Your Insurance Company May Know More Than You Think

You had a great weekend hosting friends and family at your new home and you take to social media to post about it… pics and all. Guess what? That information just may make it back to your insurance provider when you least expect it.

According to US Insurance Agents, insurers are now checking social media for updates on relationship status, information on pet ownership and even looking for photos that show risky behaviour, such as distracted driving. If that weren’t enough, insurance companies are looking to social media during investigations to see if they can spot negligence on your part.

For example, let’s say you were robbed, but took to social media to post photos of your property that have been geotagged with its location and then posted about your upcoming vacation to Punta Cana (yup…that’s when you were robbed). This could be seen as negligence on your behalf and give enough cause to deny a claim.

Be Insurance Wise

While looking to social media is a relatively new phenomenon, we have no reason to suspect that this practice won’t continue to grow, especially when investigating claims.

It is the insurance company’s right to gather and access all information available to them to determine circumstances surrounding a claim before making a decision… and that will include looking to any relevant posts you have made.

Here are a few tips from our team to avoid any surprises with your insurance company:

  • BE HONEST with your insurance company. If you have a dog… tell them. If you’re a smoker… tell them. Don’t get caught in a lie.
  • DON’T OVERSHARE on your social media. If you were in a car accident… don’t post about it. Talk to your insurance company first, answer their questions and keep the sharing to a minimum.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF should have been our first point. While we want you to be aware of how social media can be used by various industries, we want you to be socially-smart. Don’t post pictures that have your address; don’t post photos of your kids’ school; don’t post that you’ll be away on vacation for a week; don’t post that you bought your wife a brand new 3-karat diamond ring… be smart.
    There is no doubt that social media is changing the way we do business. Just make sure that you are aware of the impact your next post might have on you and your family.
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