What Too Look For In A Used Car

Tips For Buying A Used CarWhen you’re looking to buy a used car, there are a few things to consider outside of getting a good value. Unfortunately, people tend to glamorize an unworthy car, just to get a sale. The best thing you can do when looking into a used car is to take it over to a trusted mechanic that can do a full inspection, before you purchase the car. Any qualified seller should have no issues with this request.

Here Are 10 Things To Look Over For Your Used Car

Before you even take the car to the shop, write down the VIN number and get an idea on what auto insurance will cost you for that type of vehicle.

Here are a few things you can look for, first:

  1. Paint: Look for any scratches, dents, or rust that is clearly apparent on the vehicle. Run your hand along the edges of the car, looking for roughness, or anything quickly covered up.
  2. Belts: Look under the hood of the car to make sure that the belts are in working condition. There should be no cracks or soft hoses, and that the timing belt is not too old. Find out when the timing belt, or any belts, have been replaced, and what mileage the car held when they did.
  3. Tires: Look over the tires to save you money in the long run. It’s important to check the car on a flat level, to witness how the ties actually sit, and that all the tires match. The number of miles on the car should also match the life of the tires. For example, if the mileage is low, but the tires are worn, it means they were taken from another car, and now need to be replaced.
  4. Engine: There are a few things you can quickly look over with the engine; leaks, corrosion, transmission fluid is full and pink, and that nothing smells burnt.
  5. Frame: You should be weary of cars with damaged frames. Accident repairs can be quickly and unprofessionally covered up, making for a mess of a car. Look at and inside all the nooks and cranny’s you can find in and around the car.
  6. Lights: Check all headlights, break lights, and interior lights, to make sure they are all working properly. This will be easier to check at night.
  7. Odometer: While time and mileage vary between cars, it is important to check with your mechanic to see if the longevity of your potential car is worth it. If you cannot decide between the two, base your decision on the overall condition of the car.
  8. Interior: The interior may not be ideally your style, but it needs to at least be in working order. Check for wear and tear on the seats and floors, as well as stains, leaks, or rust.
  9. Air Conditioning: A lot of used car buyers, especially in Michigan, forget to check for a working air conditioning. Even in the winter, check to make sure the air conditioner works, and doesn’t need any serious maintenance (which can be very costly).
  10. Brakes: When you test-drive your potential car, make sure to press hard on the breaks to test them out. Try not to skid or create an accident, but know that if you run into an emergency on the road, that this car will keep you safe. This is best tested in an empty lot.

Again, it is a great idea to get your auto insurance quote BEFORE you pick out your next used car. This

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