When To Purchase New Tires

Purchase New TiresGood tires are the backbone and imperative safety element to your vehicle, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to remember that tires age, and won’t last forever.

Your Tires Are Worn

Wear and tear on your tires is visible, when you know what to look for. The most popular way to check for tread on your tires is the Penny Test. By placing a penny inside the groove of your tire, you can check to see how far down the tread has worn. If the tire covers any part of the penny, then they are safe to drive on. However, if the penny is visible, your tires are now going to be less reliable on the road and more likely to skid. The Penny Test is advised to be checked once a month, or before you venture on a long journey.

Your Tires Are Cracked

Worn tires are not the only problem to plague your vehicle. The sidewall of your tires can also become damaged, but fortunately these issues are easily spotted. If you notice any cuts on the sidewall of your tires, that are easily visible, you may have a leak in your tire. If you notice any strain on the sidewall of your tires, you could also be at risk for a blowout, and should make sure to get your tire checked immediately if these issues arise.

Your Tires Have Blisters

The outer area of your tires will weaken over time, but shouldn’t become so weak that they start to fall apart. If you start to notice any blisters or bulges that push away from the tire, you will want to get this checked immediately. Just like any pressure bulge, your tire could pop or blow out unexpectedly.

Your Tires Are Vibrating

Vibrations are always going to exist on the road, but after a certain amount it may be too much for your car to handle. Tires that are excessively vibrating may need to be realigned, rebalanced, or not properly handling the shock mechanisms that were installed. Likewise, the tire may not be the problem with the vibration, but the excessive shaking could eventually lead to problems on your tires.

Before you head out into the snow this winter, make sure to check your tires for tread, worn areas, cracks, blisters, or vibrating problems. Any of these issues can balloon into quick and disastrous driving ventures on the road. For more tips on how to keep your vehicles safe and maintained, call E&Y Insurance Agency today! (248) 362-1313


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