Tax Preparation Checklist For Your Taxes

Tax Preparation ChecklistApril 15th is almost here, whether you’re willing to accept it or not. The idea of completing your taxes may be overwhelming to you now, but E&Y Tax Preparation Services is here to help! After you set up an appointment with us to complete your taxes for this year, we’ve put together a handy checklist to help you get all of your documents in order and ease some of the stress. Stop worrying that you’re not getting every dollar back on your refund and prepare yourself before your appointment!

Personal Information

  • Social Security Number or Tax ID
  • Spouse’s Social Security Number or Tax ID
  • Amount of alimony you paid out this year, along with your ex’s Social Security Number or Tax ID 

Employee Information

  • W-2’s 

Self-Employed Information

  • 1099-Misc and any other income not recorded on the 1099
  • All expense records (including receipts)
  • Business asset information (for depreciation)
  • Home office information (i.e., square footage) 

Vehicle Information (If Used For Business)

  • Total miles driven
  • Total business miles driven and reason for their purpose
  • Parking and toll receipts
  • Gas, oil changes, licenses, taxes, interest expenses, or any other claims 

Educational Information

  • 1098-T forms
  • Receipts for educational expenses
  • Scholarship information 

Retirement & IRA Income

  • Social Security Income
  • Pension or IRA/Annuity Income
  • IRA contributions

Investments & Savings

  • Dates you of acquired property and records
  • Income from sales, stock, or property
  • Interest and dividend income 

Misc. Income

  • Unemployment income
  • Gambling income
  • Received alimony
  • Jury duty information
  • Income and expenses from hobbies
  • Awards
  • Any 1099 you receive 

Disaster Information (i.e, Floods in Metro Detroit)

  • City and county information of the property you own
  • Records of property losses
  • Records of repair costs
  • Insurance claims paid out
  • FEMA information 

Additional Deductions

  • HSA contributions
  • Moving expenses for a job, not covered by an employer
  • Mortgage interest records
  • State or local income tax payments
  • Real estate records
  • Vehicles taxes
  • Donations made to churches, schools, or other charities (including miles driven)
  • Medical expenses (including miles driven)
  • Investment expenses
  • Amount spent on last year’s tax return
  • Employment expenses
  • Job search expenses
  • Home improvement expenses


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