Tips for Choosing A Tax Preparation Service Detroit MI

Tax Preparation In Detroit MIAs tax day quickly closes in, many individuals are finding that they are not quite as prepared as they expected they’d be to complete their own tax return. Some individuals learn that tax-related changes during the previous year generated a complicated return document, and many people realize that April 15 is right around the corner, yet they simply don’t have the time to complete their tax returns. Whatever your reason is for hiring a tax preparer, we have tips to help you choose the right tax preparation service in Detroit for your tax situation.

Tax Preparation Chain Franchises

A popular tax preparation service choice for many individuals are the many national tax preparation chains. These franchises train their employees to prepare them for the tax season rush. These preparers use tax software that helps them easily navigate through the return process. If your return is relatively simple and you would like to save money on your tax prep service, this may be the way to go. Other benefits of these chains are a relatively quick turnaround, and the opportunity for an earlier refund. If your tax situation is more complex or if you own a business, you may benefit by seeking a professional tax preparer who fully specializes your particular filing situation.

Certified Public Accountant

A Certified Public Accountant, has earned the title of CPA by passing a state’s qualifying exam, but CPAs are not necessarily experts on tax matters. Because of this, you’ll want to be sure to ask the CPA if they have tax-filing experience. CPAs are qualified to assist you in creating a tax plan, and they can guide you through certain complex financial situations. CPAs work well for those who have experienced major life changes such as divorce, new business or business closure, retirement, and other such life changes that affect finances.

Non-Regulated Tax Preparers

Basically, just about anyone can operate as tax preparers, and you can find these federally unregulated preparers operating as accountants, pop-up seasonal storefronts, and mom and pop tax firms. While the IRS does issue these tax preparers a Preparer Tax ID Number, the preparers are not required to complete any type of education, but are offered voluntary continuing education courses. In this case, you would be wise to request references from these preparers. Be sure to find out if their office will be open or if it will even exist after tax season ends.

Tax Prep Service In Detroit

Whatever your tax situation, you can rely on E&Y Tax Preparation Services in Troy to file your annual tax returns. Our clients are assured that they receive professional year-round personalized service and guaranteed on-time filing. Contact E&Y Agency today at (248) 362-1313 to get started on your tax return.


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