Winter Is Coming: Getting Your Car Ready For The Cold – Part 2

Winter Car Maintenance TipsWe hope you got a head start with the car preparation list we provided to you previously! For the next set of inspections and vehicle maintenance, let’s go over some important areas that shouldn’t be neglected when it starts to get cold.

  • Check your battery – A weak battery cannot be detected at home, but should be checked before it becomes too cold. Many professional mechanics can check your battery, and replace it quickly if it’s not in properly working conditions.
  • Replace lights and bulbs – Now that it is getting darker earlier, you may start to notice that your lights are either burned out or dim. Check their quality, and clean them. The easiest way to clean dirty light covers is with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Do not use a rag to clean your light covers, as it will cause extreme scratching. Likewise, stock up on bulbs to make sure you’re never without guidance on the road.
  • Examine the exhaust – If the exhaust fumes are not being displaced properly, they can lead to deadly results. Your exhaust system should be checked for any damages, leaks, or other hazardous problems. Typically, mechanics will also inspect the floorboard and trunk during this time, for any other leaks or small holes.
  • Replace your tires – If your tires are worn, you will notice quickly. Have you started sliding on the roads when it’s icy or rainy? This means that the tread on your tires are worn out, and it is time for a new set. Many Michigan residents place winter tires on their cars, but even a new set of quality tires should handle the rough winters. Additionally, if do not need to replace your tires, you should still check for any cuts, tears, uneven wear, and tire pressure, regularly. Tire pressure can fluctuate drastically in the winter, so it is recommended to check it every 2-3 weeks. This simple step can save you money on gas and the lifespan of your engine.
  • Check your brakes – Your brakes are your best safety mechanism in your car, and should be in top quality condition, especially in the winter. Do not neglect any areas of your brakes that you feel should be repaired, as it could cost you more down the line.
  • Check your transmission – When your car is regularly maintained, mechanics will check your transmission for proper fluid levels and changes as needed. This step will save you the high cost of repairing or replacing a transmission too soon.
  • Pack a first aid or emergency kit for the car – It is always important that you have an emergency kit in your car. For the winter, this should contain a first aid kid, small shovel, kitty litter, a blanket, extra set of gloves, window ice scraper, flashlight, batteries, and extra chargers, for electronics such as cell phones. Additionally, adding a few non-perishable snacks and water in this area can be a lifesaver.

There is always more to add to any safety list, but with this comprehensive guide, E&Y Insurance Agency assures that you will be ready for most winter issues. For more information on how to ensure that your insurance policy is ready for the colder months, give us a call today. (248) 362-1313


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