Winter Safety Tips From E & Y Insurance Agents

Avoid Costly Insurance Repairs With Fireplace And Portable Heater Safety

This year, there seems to be no end in sight from these brutal winter conditions in Michigan. Not only does this take a toll on the body, but also hurts the budget. Regardless of your winter weather woes, remember to call E & Y Insurance Agency to make sure your home is protected from all the elements.

The most common ways of keeping warm are heaters and fireplaces. E & Y Insurance Agency is here to help you make the most out of your home. For additional help and safety on getting through the remainder of winter, make sure to utilize these tips:


Homowners Insurance In Troy MI– When using a solid fuel stove, make sure your appliance is properly installed, use seasonal wood, and inspect your pipes regularly for damage or blockage.

– When using an electric space heater, do not use it as a workable surface or storage space for clothes, and keep anything combustible far away from the heater.

– When using a kerosene heater, only use approved K-1 kerosene, being mindful not to overfill, and store in a well ventilated area.

– For all of the above, remember to purchase heaters with Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) safety listings. Consider replacing any old or outdated appliances with new and cost efficient models.


Fire Damage Insurance Agents– Have your chimney inspected and cleaned often, to remove buildup and blockage.

– Always make sure the damper is open before lighting a fire, and only burn appropriate materials (i.e., no paper, or trash) in your fireplace. Likewise, when not in use, make sure the damper is closed, as to pull heated air out of the house.

– With safety in mind, keep a heavy screen in front of your fireplace, to prevent logs from falling out and sparks from catching air.

– Never leave the fire unattended! When leaving the house or heading to bed, make sure the fireplace is completely out and there are no open flames.

If you need a quote for homeowners insurance, we can help you with that also.

If You’re Ever Unsure Of These Devices Or Have Any Safety Questions Give E & Y Insurance Agents A Call (248) 362-1313!


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