As your independent insurance agent, E&Y Insurance Agency is always prepared to assist you in dealing with the insurance carrier you choose. But if you prefer to contact them directly, here is the information you need:

AAA Insurance Group AAA Insurance Group
Membership Services: (800) 222-6424
american-modern American Modern Insurance Group
Customer service: 1-800-543-2644
american-strategic American Strategic Insurance
Phone: (866) 274-8765
Berkshire-Hathaway Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group
More Info:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Customer service: 1-888-630-BLUE
canal Canal Insurance
Phone: (800) 452-6911
capitol-insurance-company Capitol Insurance Group
Customer Service & Claims: 1-800-475-4450
employers Employers Insurance
Phone: (800) 232-3085
Customer service: 1-800-262-9262
Claim Service: 1-800-588-7400
Foremost Insurance Group
Customer service: 1-800-237-2060
Claim Service: 1-800-527-3907
grand-general Grand General Agency
Customer service: 1-800-869-2022
grange-insurance-company Grange Insurance Group
24-Hour Claims Reporting: 1-800-445-3030
General Information: 1-800-422-0550
great-american Great American Insurance
Phone: (800) 545-4269
great-lakes-mutual-insurance Great Lakes Mutual Insurance
Phone: (906) 337-3603
guarantee-insurance-company Guarantee Insurance Group
Customer Service & Claims: 1-877-886-4334
The Hartford
Customer service: 1-800-417-7982
Group Plan Members: 1-800-4HUMANA
Medicare Claims: 1-800-457-4708
Medicare Billing/Enrollment: 1-800-992-2551
jmwilson J.M. Wilson
Corporate Office: 1-800-666-5692
lloyds Lloyd’s Insurance
Phone: +44 20 7327 1000
Main Street America Group
Customer service: 1-877-927-5672
mercury-insurance-group Mercury Insurance Group
Customer Service: 1-800-956-3728
national-indemnity National Indemnity Insurance
Phone: (402) 916-3000
nationwide Nationwide Insurance
Customer service: (877) 669-6877
northland Northland Insurance
Phone: (651) 310-4100
patriot-insurance-company Patriot National Insurance Group
Customer Service & Claims: 1-877-886-4334
Customer service: 1-800-766-4737
Claims Information: 1-800-766-4737
safeco Safeco Insurance
Customer service: 1-800-332-3226
Titan Insurance
Customer service: 1-800-TITAN-UP
Claim Service: 1-800-926-3168
travelers-insurance-company Travelers Insurance Group
Customer Service: 1-800-252-2268
Claims: 1-800-238-6225
united-health-one United Health One
Customer service: 1-800-444-8990
Victoria Insurance
Customer service: 1-800-888-8424

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