Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you are in business for yourself or working for others it is likely that you need some form of commercial vehicle insurance. Whether you are a hauler, transporter, contractor or any other type of business that requires a vehicle, E & Y Insurance agents can help you find the best coverage for your money. As a business owner, the last thing you want to think about is getting reimbursed for an accident. Get commercial vehicle insurance quotes for cars, vans, trucks, trailers and more. We can also help you with garage keepers liability and business owners policies including property and general liability.

Information Necessary for a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quote

Commercial auto insurance quotes are based on several specific details beyond that required for personal vehicle insurance quotes.

Details pertaining to personal information such as your Social Security Number, driver’s license number or passport information are not necessary to obtain quotes, but may be required when purchasing a policy.

For a commercial vehicle insurance quote you need to provide general details about you and your business, such as the business owner’s full name — whether or not they will be listed as a driver on the policy — the business name, the structure of your business (individual, corporation, limited liability company, trust, etc.), address and including zip code, and contact information.

You may be asked for more specific details as they relate to your business, such as:
*Length of time in your current business;
*If your business is required to have state, Interstate, ICC or FHWA filing;
*If you currently have commercial auto insurance, and if so, for how long; and
*Description of your type of business service provided.

Details pertaining to your commercial insurance vehicles may include any or all of the following:

The number of vehicles to be commercially insured. You may need a ‘fleet insurance’ quote, if you have more than four.

Commercial Auto classifications, such as private passenger, light truck, or heavy truck. In the event you choose to purchase a commercial vehicle insurance policy, your insurer will ask you to provide Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) on each vehicle your business owns. This will assure proper classification.

Commercial Vehicle usage, for example, will your cars be used to deliver pizza or to drive patients to medical appointments?

Date of manufacture, purchase price, age and current condition, the radius of operations and mileage, and whether or not your business vehicles are garaged in the same zip code location

You may also need to provide the number of employees who will be driving the commercial vehicles owned by your business. The average age of your drivers and their history of any accident and/or traffic violations, if applicable, may be considered as well.

Providing detailed information concerning your business and its vehicles will help in obtaining the most accurate quote for the commercial vehicle insurance coverage you need

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