General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance quotes can be issued as monoline or as part of the business owner’s policy package. It provides an insured protection for leglal liability which arises from injuries or damages sustained by a third party. This is commonly referred to as trip and fall insurance in the public which is clearly slang. Types of injuries or damages covered by general liabiliy insurance include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising liability.

General Liability is required in many different instances. See a couple examples below:

Most landlords require tenants to carry general liability to cover accidents that occur inside their units.
Most home owners do not ask their landscapers or handy men for proof of general liablity but they should. What happens if that landscaper falls out of the tree she is trimming or the handy man falls off of the roof?
Contractors need proof of insurance before they can start a job and get paid for their work.
These are just a couple examples of why general liability insurance is important. Please call us at (248)362-1313 to get a general liability insurance quote. Our agents will provide you with fast competitive quotes that will protect your small business.

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