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Your Insurance Company May Know More Than You Think

You had a great weekend hosting friends and family at your new home and you take to social media to post about it… pics and all. Guess what? That information just may make it back to your insurance provider when you least expect it. According to US Insurance Agents, insurers are now checking social media for...

Dash Cams Gaining Popularity with Drivers

Understand the laws in your own State

Whereas a few years ago it was mostly police officers and truck drivers who installed dash cams in their vehicles, today we see more dash cams sold to the every day driver. While laws and insurance companies can differ greatly on their stance with dash cams, there are some...

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

A Guide to the Terminology of your auto insurance policy: Part One

If you do not live and breathe insurance policies like our E&Y Agents do, then the terms and intricacies of any insurance policy could make your head spin. It’s our job to ensure that you have the coverage you need for your piece...

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