Tax Preparation Services

tax preparation services

Do you require tax preparation services? Do you want to make sure you are filing your taxes correctly and benefiting from all the deductions that you qualify for? Want to avoid costly errors that could lead to you owing the government hundreds or thousands of dollars at the end of the year? Well if so, then you can benefit from tax preparation services from E&Y Insurance Agency. Our insurance agency is a jack of all trades and not a one trick pony! We offer a variety of different services that our valued customers can take advantage of, and whether you are looking for car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, health insurance, commercial insurance, or tax preparation services, E&Y Insurance Agency has got you covered! Read on for more information about the tax preparation services and tax assistance available at our insurance agency.

Tax Preparation Services:

Tax preparation does not have to be a chore each year. With the trusted and ethical tax services from E&Y Tax Preparation Services you no longer have to spend one moment of your time worrying about whether your taxes are handled correctly. Do you sometimes wonder if you completed last year’s tax return correctly? At E&Y Tax Preparation Services we will analyze your tax return from last year for FREE and see what type of deductions you may have missed as well as any errors that could result in more money in your pocket. Our tax preparation services and tax assistance include:

  • Personalized one-on-one tax services for individuals or small business
  • Personal income tax completed while you wait
  • Guaranteed accuracy on all your tax returns
  • Free e-file of Federal and State tax returns
  • Tax return rates as low as $75 per return
  • Tax assistance customized for individuals and small business owners

    We are trained and certified for this!

    The reality is – tax preparation is becoming more difficult each and every year. With the constantly changing tax laws, it is extremely difficult to know whether your taxes are correct each year. When you attempt to do your personal or small business taxes without assistance from a tax service you are putting yourself at risk for problems down the road. Our team of experts at E&Y Insurance Agency are very experienced and fully certified to do your tax preparation and offer professional tax advice. We will establish a personal relationship with you so that we can most effectively deliver the most accurate results, and get you those tax discounts you qualify for.

    Whether you are looking for insurance services like; car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, or health insurance, Our insurance agency can help you find the best policies that suit your needs. For tax preparation services and tax assistance, we recommend that you consider the tax professionals at E&Y Insurance Agency today!

    For more information about tax preparation and tax assistance from our insurance agency, please feel free to continue browsing through our website or call us at 248-671-6860


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